A firm commitment from Maria Mourani

An NDP government, through Transport Canada, will make the necessary inspections and verifications of the quality of ADM’s work in evaluating noise levels and the management of noise complaints.
This is what MP Maria Mourani, NDP candidate in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, wrote to us on September 30. This is probably the strongest and most relevant commitment obtained in writing by les Pollués from a candidate with a very good chance of winning on 19 October. Unfortunately, the polls suggest that the NDP will miss its appointment with history.
Ms. Mourani also assured us that a possible NDP government would ensure that the public is consulted more, and that if necessary the rules, the noise assessment process and the management of complaints would be reviewed and tightened.
In this regard, who could promise less? The population has no say and the airport manager, ADM, is both judge and jury as it is is focussed on deriving the maximum financial benefit from airport infrastructure and at the same time, it handles noise complaints. Which comes first, do you think?
You can view the complete letter we received from Ms. Mourani: —-

Lettre Maria Mourani

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