About the noise measuring stations of Les Pollués de Montréal-Trudeau

The measuring stations installed by Les Pollués de Montréal-Trudeau (LPDMT) are provided by a European organization, Worldwide Aircraft Noise Services (WW-ANS). This organization was created to support communities around the world who battle aircraft noise, by providing solid arguments to validate the harm they suffer, and to support them in their quest for the establishment of curfews. WW-ANS has been able to create an airport monitoring network, as all data recorded by measuring stations is accessible on their website (http://www.ww-ans.net/: click on Canada, then Montreal and choose a location).

The measuring stations installed in Montreal are the first in America, although there are already more than 275 in Europe. The installation of these stations requires the purchase of certain accessories, and the cost of each station is about $500 in total. There are other ongoing costs required to coordinate the participation of citizens who have agreed to lend their support to this initiative. Including maintenance costs, to date les Pollués have spent on average $ 530 $ to complete the commissioning of each station. The installations were done by volunteer members of the organization.

Each station consists of a sensor (microphone), mounted outdoors, which is connected to a receiver inside the house, which transmits data received to a nano computer (a Raspberry Pi, in the case of Montreal stations). This nano-computer is linked to the homeowner’s wireless internet, and every hour the data recorded by the nano computer is sent to the WW-ANS server, which decrypts it using a software program. When the program establishes with confidence that it is the passage of an aircraft that caused the noise disturbance, it circles the top of the noise peak that is generated.

Although Les Pollués measuring stations are less reliable in extreme cold, they are pertinent almost 10 months a year. Besides the level of dB (A), the stations record the wind direction; moreover, daily, monthly and yearly statistics are automatically recorded. These statistics have allowed Les Pollués de Montréal-Trudeau to collect the following data:

July 2015Saint-Sulpice653 confirmed night time overflights1 exceeding 55 dB (A)
3099 confirmed day time overflights2 exceeding 55 dB (A)
Ahuntsic Ouest Station583 confirmed night time overflights exceeding 55 dB (A)
2997 confirmed day time overflights exceeding 55 dB (A)
Station Saint-Laurent / Vieux560 confirmed night time overflights exceeding 55 dB (A)
3063 confirmed day time overflights exceeding 55 dB (A)
Station Saint-Laurent / Est794 confirmed night time overflights exceeding 55 dB (A)
7207 confirmed day time overflights exceeding 55 dB (A)
May 2015Station Mont-Royal Est346 confirmed night time overflights exceeding 55 dB (A)
2856 confirmed day time overflights exceeding 55 dB (A)
(1) In the WW-ANS system, the nighttime period runs from 10.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.
(2) In the WW-ANS system, the daytime period runs from 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

The Leq shows that noise is often louder further to the east of the airport than it is around it.

Leq measures the average noise level. The Leq recorded by both ADM’s noise measuring stations and those of Pollués give the following readings (noisiest to least noisy):

StationOwner / Propriétaire Noise level of aircraft / Niveau de bruit des avions
1. Dorval NordADM 164
2. Saint-Laurent/VieuxLPDMT 359.9
3. Dorval Sud ADM 158
4. Saint-Laurent/Nord ADM 1 ADM 158
5. Saint-Laurent/Est LPDMT 2 LPDMT 256.2
6. Saint-Laurent/Sud ADM 1 ADM 156
7. Ahuntsic/Ouest LPDMT 2LPDMT 254
8. Ahuntsic/St-Sulpice LPDMT 2 LPDMT 249.3
9. Mont-Royal Est LPDMT 3 LPDMT 348.9
10. Mont-Royal OuestLPDMT 244.9
11. Saint-Michel/SudLPDMT 444
12. Pointe-ClaireADM 142
13. Dollard-des-OrmeauxADM 141
14. Ahuntsic/NordLPDMT 240.7
15. VillerayLPDMT 339.5
16. Côte-Saint-LucADM 1 38
1 : The LEQ of ADM’s stations is the average for 2014
2 : LEQ for July 2015
3 : LEQ for May 2015
4 : LEQ for August 2015

August 19, 2015

Carte des stations

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