Departure of James C. Cherry

Les Pollués want a successor who instills a new corporate culture at ADM

Les Pollués de Montreal-Trudeau welcomed with joy the departure of James C. Cherry from his position as CEO of Aeroports de Montreal (ADM). During his tenure, Mr. Cherry has endorsed the decision of NAV Canada to amend its air corridors over Montreal, decision which culminated in a major deterioration in the quality of life of several Montreal boroughs.

 “James C. Cherry also imbued his organization with a corporate culture hostile to citizens from boroughs affected by aviation noise pollution arising from his decisions and remained closed to an increase in transparency of its private organization, said Antoine Bécotte, president of Les Pollués de Montreal-Trudeau. He preferred to be on the side of carriers, business people, builders and wreckers.

James C. Cherry took advantage of Transport Canada’s laissez-faire and the fact that ADM is not subject to the Loi de l’accès à l’information nor to audits by the Auditor General of Canada on its financial books and his actions. He took advantage of his private company’s constitution  to surround himself, in his Board of Directors, with people ignorant of aeronautics and air transport.

Les Pollués de Montreal-Trudeau hope the departure of James C. Cherry opens the door to the appointment of a person more sensitive to the social mission of ADM, which is to maintain harmonious relations with the community by establishing channels for a more direct communication with citizens of all Montréal boroughs, not just the immediate towns and neighbours from the airport. They whish he chooses non-political representatives from the sectors affected by aviation noise pollution – especially from Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc Extension, Saint-Laurent and Mont-Royal – on the Advisory Committee on climate sound and its Board of Directors.

And especially that the new president takes the informed decision to change the air corridors over Montreal by ordering the adoption of new landing and takeoff procedures. Let him cater to the quality of life of citizens, rather than the one of carriers and business people.

“The departure of James C. Cherry sets the stage for a new era,” hopes Mr. Bécotte.

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