Preparation of the Class Action: composition of the team of experts.

In preparation for the trial that should begin next Fall, we gradually build the team of experts who will support our lawyer, Gérard Samet. This team will scientifically clarify what we feel under the unsustainable 24/7 invasion of aircraft noise.

It is Phat Nguyen acoustics engineer and director of VINACOUSTIK inc. and Chantal Laroche, Doctor of Audiology, Professor at the University of Ottawa.


  • Angelika Maeser-Lemieux

    A FRIEND yesterday told me about your group because I was complaining at St Laurent city hall about the horrible plane noise every 2 to 5 min. over my house at 750 Tait in St Laurent, and it has increased so much that I am feeling that it is making me sick It has been nonstop from 6 to midnight and the other night it awoke me at 3 a.m. I cannot sleep upstairs anymore and have to go to the basement where the noise is less; I cannot sit on the back porch and read and relax all summer due to the planes constantly flying low level over my house. I have lived here for 21 yrs and NEVER WAS IT AS BAD AS NOW. Horrible this summer; the frequency of flights last week was one to three minutes some days. How can I and my husband join this legal case; I was going to write to Transport Canada today to complain; let me know how we can add our names to this class action shit. Thanks. Angelika Maeser- Lemieux, Ph.D.

    2018-08-20 - at 09:40 Reply

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