Sale of Montreal-Trudeau airports

What is your strategic vision for the sale of Canadian international airports including Montreal-Trudeau?

Coalition Montréal

Here is the answer we received from Mr. Pierre Lachapelle, city councilor candidate in the Ahuntsic district. It should be noted that Coalition Montréal leaves a large part to the autonomy of its candidates, whose fundamental mandate is to bring voters’ opinion to the top. This answer is therefore that of the candidate and not the official position of the party.

I am campaigning against the sale to private interests of Montreal airports. The only condition that could make me rethink my position would be the adoption of modern noise control measures including noise abatement and air pollution in and around our airports. All management of nuisances and penalties should be under the guidance of an independent body and beholden to elected representatives of the people.

In relation to the ownership of airports, I agree with the two authors of the report on the governance of Canadian airports, Michel Nadeau and Jacques Roy (note You can consult the relevant excerpt here). I agree that strategic analysis is required concerning the importance of such infrastructure for Montreal and Quebec.

Équipe Coderre

We did not receive a response from Équipe Coderre.

Projet Montréal

Here is the answer we received from Ms. Émilie Thuillier, candidate at the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough hall.

In April, 2017, Projet Montréal declared its opposition to the sale of Canadian international airports, including Montréal-Trudeau, to private interests.


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