Will Air Canada come out of its coma?

Will our carriers copy British Airways?
Yes, there are takeoff and landing protocols to reduce the noise generated by aircraft over residential neighborhoods. On May 21, in an article by Agence France-Presse published on Cyberpresse, it was reported that British Airways was experimenting with changes to its take-off and landing procedures at London-Heathrow Airport in order to reduce the noise generated by its fleet by 15% by 2018. It is carrying out tests on the Airbus A380.
So far the tests have shown a decrease of five (5) decibels in noise from its flights.
What is Air Canada waiting for to follow the lead of British Airways, and behave as a good corporate citizen?
We invite you to read the article by clicking the following link: http://affaires.lapresse.ca/economie/transports/201505/21/01-4871437-british-airways-innove-pour-reduire-le-bruit-des-avions.php
You will certainly find the comment of a sales representative from Airbus ironic, as he recalls that in the 60s, when a plane took off from Heathrow, “we had to stop talking in the garden.”
In Montreal, where this is still the case, we are 50 years behind …

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