New Legal Actions against Airport Nuisance: A New Step Taken by Les Pollués de Montréal-Trudeau

January 16th, 2019. Les Pollués de Montréal-Trudeau (LPDMT) are announcing that it has engaged the services of Mr. Gérard Samet, lawyer, from Azran and Associates inc., to initiate the following legal proceedings. A request for a declaratory judgment concerning the obligations of Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) with respect to:

1- the curfew, as well as the conditions of application of their own rules of exemptions: for the landing of aircrafts between 1am and 7am, and take-offs between midnight and 7am (in theory and according to their internal management rules, exemptions should be granted only for medical emergencies, delays beyond the control of the carrier and for bad weather, while the practice seems much broader).

2- the respect of the principles of sustainable development by public consultation of stakeholders, who are the neighboring residents concerned by the Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau airport’s new terminal project, that is to say, its expansion, its renovation of $4.5G and the expected increase in air traffic, as announced by Aéroports de Montréal on April 30, 2018. A new request for a Class action

3- based on the latest report from McGill University on air pollution by airport-based nanoparticles, at and in a large area around the Montreal-Trudeau Airport site.

Current Class Action Suit ruled out the curfew matter

On April 5th, 2018, the Honourable judge Chantal Tremblay authorized the class action suit against the airport management concerning the excessive noise of planes flying over Montreal. « This authorization excluded the issue of a curfew, a problem that has been central to our purposes since 2013. Exasperated Citizens hope to be able to sleep peacefully at night, a critical aspect of health. The citizens keep asking for a curfew 11/7 », declares Pierre Lachapelle.

Aéroport de Montréal $4.5G Expansion Project

Mr. Lachapelle declares, « The announcement by ADM that it was going to construct a new terminal with 15 additional gates, would defeat our central objective of decreasing airplane noise over Montreal ».

Citizens are concerned by Aircraft Atmospheric Pollution

Since the funding of Les Pollués de Montréal-Trudeau, citizens have frequently indicated their concern about this problem. A recent study from McGill University has indicated that a high concentration of nanoparticles are found at and around the airport, which leads Les Pollués to submit this matter at the court.


  • Evelyn Daymond

    Who can we contact to become part of this class action lawsuit? We live in Pointe Claire right at the back gate of the airport.

    21 janvier 2019 - at 12 h 04 min Répondre
    • Francine Lauzon

      Good day Ms. Daymond,

      Pointe-Claire is not part of the Class action suit. However, since the authorization from the Superior Court of Quebec to go ahead with the Class action, we asked our lawyer to request the addition of Pointe-Claire and Dorval to the territory impacted by the aircraft noise. Keep in touch with us by registrations to our newsletter at


      Francine Lauzon

      31 janvier 2019 - at 10 h 37 min Répondre
  • Joanne Di Tomasso

    I live in the St- Michel arrondissement and living on the top floor of a condo on 18th avenue. We are directly in a flight path of planes coming in from Europe and it’s getting ridiculous. Huge jet airliners flying low as they approach for landing. Also we thought there was a curfew for planes landing in the evening. Obviously the curfew is not respected because we have planes flying in as late as 0300 a.m.
    Where can we sign up to be part of the class action suit please?

    31 mai 2019 - at 7 h 41 min Répondre
    • Francine Lauzon

      Bonjour madame Tomasso,
      In order for us to verify if you are in the territory of the Group we have identified, we need your postal address. Please email us your coordinates at Bestregards.

      31 mai 2019 - at 10 h 49 min Répondre

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