Our Objectives

Our global objective is to restore quality of life for citizens of Montreal neighbourhoods currently flown by carriers interacting with the Montreal-Trudeau Airport. We think the following measures would contribute to this goal:

1- A real nighttime curfew

Apply a real nighttime curfew for the Montreal-Trudeau airport, as was promised when international flights were transferred from Mirabel to Dorval, and to enforce the rule –  so that no aircraft can fly between 11 o’clock PM and 7 o’clock AM – to establish a substantial surtax on those transporters who break this rule, and use the collected funds for the community (to soundproof residences, etc.) The only exceptions permitted to this curfew would be those that were specified in the original agreement, i.e. to avoid a crash and to permit the transport of human organs for transplantation. 

2- Raise the Altitude

Raise the altitudes at which planes overfly the city of Montreal whenever possible, based on the best international practices. 

3- Review and modify air corridors

Review and modify air corridors taken by aircraft during landing and takeoff in order to more equitably diffuse the effects of noise along their passage over residential areas. 

4- Unbiased research on aircraft noise and health effects

Obtain or sponsor independent research on the effects of these flights on the social and physical health of residents in affected areas. 

Install noise measuring stations east of Highway 15. 

Determine the amount of pollution other than noise (chemical, environmental, etc) on the ground in Montreal, including damage done to food products, fauna and flora, residences, pools, pets and humans, notably by harmful substances released by planes during flight. 

5- The end of closed hearings

Establish an opening for citizen representation in the structure of ADM by creating two places on the Board of Directors (presently composed of 15 members of the business community), as well as assigning two other citizens to be present on the Soundscape Advisory Committee.