The Borough Council of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension adopts a motion demanding the establishment of a curfew at Montreal-Trudeau Airport

A motion presented by Elsie Lefebvre, Villeray district councilor, and Sylvain Ouellet, adviser to François-Perrault (St. Michael) that Aéroports de Montreal (ADM) introduce « without delay » noise mitigation measures including a real curfew between 23 pm and 7 h, was adopted unanimously February 3, 2015 at a regular meeting of the Board of the Borough.

Their proposal includes an invitation to Montreal City Council and the Montreal Metropolitan Community to develop a regional policy to combat noise pollution from transportation sources as recommended by the Agency for Health and Social Services of Montreal.

The mayor of the Borough, Anie Samson, obtained an amendment to the motion to add the Borough’s demand for a seat on the Advisory Committee on the Soundscape of ADM.

Here are the contents of their motion before the inclusion of this amendent:

Statement on noise and noise pollution related to the activities of Montreal-Trudeau Airport

Whereas the advisory committee on noise related to air traffic, established by the Public Health Department of Montreal (DSP), and which includes among others, representatives of Aéroports de Montreal, citizens, Transport Canada, the City of Montreal as well as the boroughs;

Whereas sound level meters installed by the DSP near Montreal-Trudeau Airport have all registered readings in excess of noise levels recommended by the World Health Organization;

Whereas the DSP does not at present have reliable data on the noise level in the districts of Saint-Michel and Villeray, and in the area of Jarry Park, despite numerous complaints from citizens;

Whereas Aéroports de Montreal has placed sound level meters around Montreal-Trudeau Airport, in different areas of the island of Montreal, but does not make public in real time noise levels measured using this equipment, contenting itself with providing graphical soundscapes once a year;

Whereas there is now a citizen led initiative to install sound measuring devices in Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension, and other Montreal boroughs ;

Whereas the health risks related to noise pollution, as reported by the Agency of Health and Social Services, include sleep disturbance and increased frequency of ischemic heart disease and high blood pressure;

Whereas given the noise abatement procedures established by Aéroports de Montreal;

Whereas the DSP recommends that the City of Montreal and related cities have a regional policy to combat noise from transportation sources;

It was moved by Elsie Lefebvre
And supported by

That the Borough Council of VSMPE take note of complaints and claims of citizens;

That the borough council of VSMPE request the board of directors of Aéroports de Montreal to urgently evaluate the following mitigation measures:
o Establish a real moratorium on night flights over Montreal (between 23h and 7h);
o Review the landing and takeoff corridors used by aircraft;
o Require air carriers to raise altitude levels of their aircraft.

That the borough council of VSMPE request the city council and the agglomeration of Montreal to develop a regional policy to combat noise from transportation sources, as recommended by the Agency for Health and Social Services of Montreal;

That a copy of this statement be filed at the next municipal council meeting.

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